I work for Braintree, developing payment services for online and mobile businesses. I regularly use seven programming languages, several web frameworks, numerous system administration and deployment tools, git, vim, and tmux, mostly from within Debian virtual machines manged with Vagrant.

During high school I worked as a technology assistant at the Free Library of Philadelphia. This led to a number of freelance jobs doing technical support, web development, and computer training for local individuals and businesses.

While and after attending Northwestern, I worked for the Departments of Student Affairs and Web Communications as a Web Developer. In addition to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on the client side, I worked in PHP, Java, and XSLT on the server side. At Student Affairs I developed a new web site for the student union, Norris University Center, and worked on the university calendar system, Plan-it Purple. Some of the Java and XSLT I wrote is still being used on the IT Department web site. I also participated in the redesign of the top-level university site.

As Web Developer, Server Admin, and Technology Directory for student government, I managed, hosting web sites for hundreds of student groups; HereAndNow, the student home page (now NULink); and, the student government web site. All used PHP on the server side. HereAndNow was statically generated every half an hour as it received approximately tens of thousands of visits a day and so was hosted on university servers. The other sites were served by Apache from servers I administrated, as was email service for the student government. Our servers ran various Linux and BSD distributions.

After returning to Philadelphia, I worked as a Freelancer doing Web Development for small businesses. My clients included nonprofits, music studios, and game developers.