I love the woods. Every year I take several trips to the wilderness, most frequently the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York where I lived for a year. I love summer activities like hiking, canoing, and kayaking; and I love winter sports such as alpine and cross-country skiing and snowshoing. I camp and backpack in all seasons.

I'm facinated by the progress of science and technology. I follow science and technology news closely. I've programmed for entertainment and education for many years, starting in BASIC and LOGO and moving on to C and PHP. I continue to program in Python, C++, and Java and contribute periodically to a variety of Open Source Software projects. I recently began answering questions on Stack Overflow and after only a few weeks I am one of the top-30 answerers in the Python category.

I also follow business and politics. These interests date back to high school but solidified through my economics coursework and student govenment activism in college. I'm always up on the latest political and economic news and rumors, and have opinions on the mergers and candidates of the day.